bpo-2016_T6A0415 Thank you for taking the time to look into my site and learning about my work. At the core of my photography business is the blend of technical passion, artistic vision, and extreme commitment to client satisfaction. Purpose I strive to create exceptional working relationships with all my clients so that together, we create images with lasting impact. Exceptional images, outstanding relationships, and keeping business easy define my approach to photography. I want every single client to love the process of creating images with me just as much as the resulting images themselves. It is the interactions with others we remember through life, and I believe those interactions define who we are above all else. Passion Over the years, technical execution of  image making has come a long way, and continues to push the envelope of creativity and visual expression. Being a techie at heart, I love digging into new and improved technologies and applying them to craft of image making.  At the capture end, like all photographers, capturing those magic moments inject joy into my soul. I also enjoy working with advanced post processing software to take a raw image to another level. That combination, always evolving, pushing the bar ever higher with greater reward. Foundation At the same time, the principals of light, composition, timing, and expressive capture remain a timeless foundation on which great images are created.  Despite the ever-increasing and evolving capabilities of cameras and software, mastery of these fundamental principals are not as easily obtained as buying the latest camera off the web.  Continuous practice and refinement of these skills is like a great athlete doing daily workouts or a master musician practicing scales. The basics can always be improved, and in doing so, creativity is enabled with the benefit of efficiency. So for me the journey boils down to fostering great relationships, continuously pushing the technical envelope, and continuously honing the fundamentals.  Thanks again, I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries and reading my blog. I invite you to contact me any time. I look forward to working closely with you to create long lasting, memorable images to leave an indelible impression on you, me, and the world around us. Brad

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