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Perigee Moon Eclipse 9/27/2015

Some images from shooting the SuperMoon eclipse of 2015. Shot on a beautiful night in Scituate at the lighthouse. Great turnout by many townsfolk.
2350ecilpse-2015eclipse-2015-cycle-b2015 Super Moon Full Eclipse
Short timelapse clip:  

Storm Clouds Over New England

June 2011 has been an intense weather month in Massachusetts and other parts of the country. Tornados, severe lightning, and hail have caused considerable damage due to the formation of powerful storm fronts. Driving home one night, one of these fronts accompanied me from west of Boston to my beautiful town of Scituate. I happened to have my camera with me and snapped this shot through the window while doing the stop and crawl commute on Mass Rt. 128.
Thunderhead Storm Clouds

Thunderhead Storm Clouds Over New England, June 2011

High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing and tone mapping does a great job of pulling out cloud detail, often giving an apocalyptic feel to mundane skies. This shot, however is NOT tone mapped nor HDR. I only used basic lightroom tweaks on it to get the most contrast out of it and do a bit of noise reduction. I think shot captures the awesome nature of, well, nature in clouds. Driving home, this is indeed what I saw. Pretty damn humbling.